The Studio has been closed for over a month while the nuptial celebrations have occurred. A whirlwind of wonderful, colourful sensations of which you will hear more of later. Summer has settled in here in Sussex and everything seems bathed in golden light; colours appear more intense, especially warm colours as the heat in the air makes pinks, oranges and yellows intensify. A lovely time of year.

After a spectacular and unplugged holiday I am now back to work with gusto. Starting with a new project called KIMONO MANN  A collaboration with a fellow studio dweller, the excellent quilter Louise Bell, who has the studio a few doors down from me, offered to sew these up. For some time now I have been collecting vintage Japanese kimono fabrics; just out of sheer pleasure more than anything else. I decided it was time to put them to use and create a special range of double sided cushions which have one of my furnishing fabrics on one side and one of the vintage Japanese textiles on the other. Strangely there did seem to be a synergy once I started looking at what fabrics could work together. The result is a dynamic collection of 16 cushions which will grow and evolve as I dig deeper into my archive. They are available from here:

I hope you like them.

Kimono Mann Cushions - Pinks

Kimono Mann Cushions 6 copy

Kimono Mann Cushions 3Kimono Mann Cushions 4

Kimono Mann 1 - Vortex side

Kimono Mann 1 - Japanese detail Kimono Mann 2 - Japanese detail Kimono Mann 3 - Japanese Detail

Kimono Mann 3 - Japanese side

Kimono Mann 6 - Japanese detail

Kimono Mann 7 - Japanese detail









About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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