About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is an artist, designer and colour consultant. She is based in the UK and has exhibited and lectured worldwide. After completing a BA at Central Saint Martins and an MA at the Royal College of Art  in London she set up a studio practice where she has worked on a wide range of projects. Having trained as a weaver and specialised in making hand dyed and woven architectural, one-off artworks to commission she then expanded her practice to include designing commercial Ikat fabrics and products. She has also established a colour consultancy service with a specialization in colour for architectural facades. She teaches, curates and writes journalism.

SIGNIFICANT COLOUR is inspired by an exhibition she curated in 2009 of the same title. On this blog you will find a wide range of colour related articles and ideas centred around the importance of colour in Art, Textiles, Design, Photography and Architecture.

For full details about her work please visit:



5 Responses to About Ptolemy Mann

  1. Sonya Gallagher says:

    Hi,I love your bold colours and was wondering if you supply them in curtain fabric. Looking forward to your reply.Thanks sonya

  2. joanneweave says:

    Your work is beautiful! Lovely to see such confidence when working with colour. Congratulations on your exhibition in the Aram Gallery. Thoroughly enjoyed looking through your work.

  3. atmann4 says:

    You are a force of nature and your work resonates with the inner being of the world.

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