This Creative Life….

After a staggeringly inspired visit to the Sonia Delaunay show at Tate Modern last week I am compelled to celebrate the idea of art and design standing hand in hand. She represents a true merging of the two and appears to be equally respected as a very commercial textile designer (much more so than I realized) and also as an artist. So good to see this at the Tate being given the space it deserves.

A delicate balancing act between these two worlds confronts me every day – the artist in me and the non functionality of the wall pieces takes precedence (and was my first real creative occupation) but Delaunay’s work as designer and artist shows the two can sit side by side with real meaning.

Then a moment sitting in the Rothko room and I’m completely overwhelmed and blown away by the beauty of this creative life.

Here are some of my own contributions…. (recently returned from Munich)

 Interlocking Colour Study - 2010 - 100 x 150cm

Interlocking Colour Study - 2010 - 100 x 150cm. Detail 2

Interlocking Landscape - 2010 - 100 x 150cm

Interlocking Landscape. Detail. - 2010 - 100 x 150cm


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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