(Hot) Pink Spectrum – To inspire a colourful Spring weekend…

The new rug I want to share with you today is the lovely (Hot) Pink Spectrum in the hope that it will inspire a Spring-y weekend. Today the little black lambs were leaping around outside my studio window giving me the tiniest hope that spring is on the way…velvety violet crocuses peeking carefully out of the ground helped complete this bucolic scene.

Pink Spectrum is perhaps – not a rug for the faint hearted – but is definitely one to celebrate. Vibrant bands of colour…the most delicate sea green and grey – burnt orange and chesnut – charcoal and scarlet – ochre and mink… all these colours come into play here on this throbbing pink and maroon colourfield backdrop.  If this doesn’t pack a Spring punch to your computer screen than nothing will.

A good time to also mention that my week long pop up exhibition in Clerkenwell starting on the 28th April till the 3rd May will be an excellent time to see this first hand but in the meantime please browse at your leisure through www.ptolemymannshop.com and enjoy the colours…


Pink Spectrum Gelim - PTOLEMY MANN & RUGMAKER  Pink Spectrum detail 3

Pink Spectrum Gelim with couch- PTOLEMY MANN & RUGMAKER  Pink Spectrum detail 5


Pink Spectrum CutoutPink Spectrum gelim

Agra Fort 2

woman with child



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Another Ode to Petrol Blue – Ptolemy Mann on Crafts Magazine Cover

…following on from my post last week…there’s more Petrol blue on my horizon with this months CRAFTS magazine cover. I am delighted and honoured to be on it and in it!

Thanks to the whole Crafts Team for doing such a great job and big thanks to Charlotte Abrahams for such beautiful writing and Trent McMinn for the lovely portraits.

If you would like to order a copy please do so here:


Ptolemy on Crafts cover


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Tangerine (Blood) Orange

If it was possible for the sun to emerge from the floor I think it would look something like this.

The luminosity of this orange simply glows up at you. I took delivery today of some Sicilian Blood Oranges to make marmalade with and they also shared a similar hue. The depth of orange here is unique – sometimes orange has too much white mixed in (think easy jet) and this gives it a flat feeling; as if the colour is resting on a plastic surface – but this is something different…a matt wool yet emitting a depth and transparency. bring a burst of Indian colour into your living room……..

Thanks to Mr T for India pictures.

Tangerine Gelim - PTOLEMY MANN & RUGMAKER Picture by Katya de Grunwald


Tangerine Gelim cutout




Ganges 1

hands 2

Monkey Ganges

Tangerine Gelim

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Introducing…..Petrol Blue Gelim

I am slightly obsessed by this colour at the moment… inky, deep, petrol blue. A warm blue which has depth and gravitas.

Introducing my new Petrol Grey Stripe Gelim. A serious and grown up rug for those who want to make a glorious and strong statement.

I will be releasing more pictures over the next few days and weeks to show you our new collection of Gelims fresh from India.

Available from: http://www.ptolemymannshop.com

Lovely pictures taken by Katya de Grunwald.

Massive Thanks to Lisa and Graham for the wonderful location.


Petrol Grey Stripe - Hero shot - PTOLEMY MANN & RUGMAKER Picture by Katya de Grunwald Petrol Grey Stripe Cutout Petrol Grey Stripe detail 1 Petrol Grey Stripe detail 2

Petrol Grey Stripe detail 3

Petrol Grey Stripe Gelim - PTOLEMY MANN & RUGMAKER


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January Sale – Last Reductions….

To make way for new work there are final reductions on Throws, Kimono Mann Cushions and Bed linen…..

 January Sale….

Jan sale

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HAPPY NEW YEAR – Colour fix from India

The skies are grey here in Sussex and it warms my heart to share these colourful pictures from our trip to India in November… to visit our rug weavers. I’ll say this post with pictures and wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2015. More will follow about our special new collection of Gelims but this should give you a tempting preview of what’s to come this year…

PS. January sales at www.ptolemymannshop.com

Taj Mahal at dusk

Petrol blue wool


pink wool

Pink Spectrum gelim

Monkey Ganges

Tangerine Gelim

Dye 1

ladie at Taj

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Give Colour and Light This Christmas…




What an epic year it’s been in life and work here at the studio in Sussex. A colourful wedding; described by guests as ‘The Darling Buds of May….on acid’. Electric blue corn flowers, vibrant pink roses, deep maroon dahlias and a scarlet silk wedding dress. A new studio nestled in a beautiful valley in Burwash. A massive commission and lots of lovely new products…. Give something that will last this year – GIVE COLOUR !


I’m delighted to share news of a commissioned series of 18 hand woven artworks I’ve made for The Britannia Cruise ship launching next March for P&O. Called ‘Beyond the Sea – A homage to Blue’ these new wall pieces involved weaving more than 25m of fine cloth with a Lurex thread weft. Who says sparkle is only for Christmas. I also have a numberof small artworks for sale; please email for available pieces: info@ptolemymann.com

blue low

IKAT LAMPSHADES We completed a photo shoot last week for the new lampshades. The wonderful photographer Nicole Rowntree again did a fantastic job creating beautiful images to illustrate the new collaboration. Available from both Copper and Silk  and Ptolemy Mann’s  websites.

Teal Ikat Drum Shade - Hero shot 2

BED LINEN, RUGS, CUSHIONS AND THROWS FOR CHRISTMAS I’ve added a number of new KIMONO MANN cushions to the shop and also want to remind you all about the throws and bed linen which is still available…but stock it limited so order soon! We also have a fair number of rugs available for immediate delivery… please do get in touch to see what we have.

Keep warm and inspired this winter!



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Give Colour – Christmas Cushions and Throws…

It’s that time of year my friends… I’ve been busy here in the studio making more cushions and delving deeper into my Japanese Kimono collection and revising a favourite. Look at:


Be daring this year.

Give Colour!!!!!!!!!

Grey Spectrum cushions with Chroma Throw

Grey Spectrum cushion square and with cool throw  4 Grey Spectrum with cool throw

Kimono Mann 18 Kimono Mann 19  alone Kimono Mann 21 alone Kimono Mann 21 front Kimono Mann 22 - 2 sides Kimono Mann 22 - Close up Kimono Mann 24 Kimono Mann 25 and 26 Front with throw Kimono Mann 27 Kimono Mann 28 detail Kimono Mann 28 Mann side



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Dunraven School – Colour for the Children

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing architectural façade projects. Sadly many of them never actually get built. Anyone who knows an architect is familiar with the fact that a massive percentage of projects never make it off the page. Happily this project did happen with the lovely people at Greenhill Jenner Architects and I have just been sent some pictures of the completed project. The other thing that happens to many projects I work on is that the colour gets filtered out as things progress and what begins as a colourful façade becomes less so. For whatever reasons, budget cuts and chromophobia to name a few; things change along the way until sometimes there is no colour remaining at all. I’m pleased to say that in this instance the colour remained fully intact as I envisaged it.

On a very residential street in South London there was an awareness of the surrounding homes and how we could use colour on the façade to help it ‘merge’ with its environment. The concept was to use blues and greens in tonal undulation around the facades which faced the street, which happened to be fairly leafy in spring and summer months. Facing internally, however, there was an enclosed playground, hidden from view where we could use a much braver and more intense colour palette which hopefully would invigorate / distract / inspire the children during play time. Here I chose a palette of hot pinks, oranges and purples.

The result… a moving grid of changing colour linking the whole building.


Finished school 2

Dunraven School 1


Dunraven School 2


Finished school 4

Finished school 5

Finished school

Dunraven. Green street facade. 3

Dunraven. Warm facade 1





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Channa Horwitz – Graph Mistress

There are certain moments in a creative life when the proverbial ‘light bulb’ experience happens; a giant globe of glass fills with light above your head and grows intensely as the moments pass. I had such an experience in May of 2010 when I visited Los Angeles. I was there for the opening of my solo show at Christopher Farr’s gallery and several of my fabulous aunts and uncles flew in to say hello and offer their support. My uncle Frank; a wonderful creator of wooden houses, was staying in LA with his other half Tea and they said they wanted to introduce me to someone.

We arrived at a modest, modern LA style house, in a fairly urban part of LA; not a city I know well at all, and  the door was opened by an energetic woman in her late 70’s. A strong, intense person with a wide smile. This was Channa Horwitz. We then entered what felt like a Tardis style space, opening up into several floors; somewhat boat-like and full to the rafters of the most graphic, mathematical, colourful and striking art I have ever seen. Grids and blocks of colour, graphs and DNA type sequencing motifs and most notably, to my weavers mind, drawings that look like weave structure notation. Somewhat speechless I wandered through this incredible space where Channa had lived and worked for many years. I’m no art historian and since her sad death last year you can find much about this extraordinary artist, who is finally achieving the recognition she deserves, written by more knowledgeable people than I.

What I can say is that I felt like I was walking inside the mind of a person who had created a working practice so unique and connected with my own work that it was quite overwhelming. Hearing her speak about her work I realised that she had spent much of the last several decades making her work privately, very much isolated from the art world in general. An overwhelming sense of enquiry about her subject, constant exploration around a specific set of ideas. I use the term ‘Graph Mistress’ in the sense that graph paper, so central to many of her drawings, seems somehow a raw material. As a weaver myself, who’s artworks are created almost exclusively on the warp + weft axis, this clearly resonates with me. Weaving too is basically about grids and graphs.

As noted on the Whitney Museum website:

“For over four decades, Channa Horwitz produced drawings, paintings, and installations using a rigid formal vocabulary of her devising, built on a standardized grid (that of graph paper) and a system of notations based on the numbers 1 through 8, each assigned its own color. This system, which the artist termed “Sonakinatography,” was developed by Horwitz as a way of marking and expressing time, movement, and rhythm. Many of her works were originally intended as scores—detailed yet open-ended notations for dancers, musicians, and performers. The self-evidently labor-intensive and painstaking process of creating the drawings themselves suggests their additional role as records of the artist’s own time, labor, and thought”

There’s another thought here; art has no age boundaries. Channa inspires in me the comforting idea that I can continue to create art for another 40 or 50 years…. if I have the health,  strength and perseverance… regardless of how I might be acknowledged in the art world.

She gives me courage to carry on.

Channa Horwitz 3




2012-08-24-art_horwitzchannaart_300 MP Poster





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