A colourful vision of the Taj Mahal

My final post this week links the previous ones together… (magazine covers + colours of India) – as you may have gathered I went to India recently to meet my rug weavers and while I was there we went to the Taj Mahal – which of course – was mezmerizing. Soon after I got back I was asked by FX magazine to participate in a column they do called ‘If only…’ in which they ask a designer or architect to visualise a project of imaginary proportions that they would like to do if budget and circumstance were no object. Its a tricky question as there are no boundaries and it’s a bit like asking a weaver ‘how long is a piece of thread…’ After some thought it occurred to me that placing temporary colour on the Taj Mahal would be an amazing thing to do. This is a building so inherently celebrated for its exquisite whiteness.  When I saw it on a dusky evening it was being visited by 1000’s of mainly Indian tourists, not very many western tourists, and they were there in their flowing saris and it was surrounded by colour. I thought, for a country so synonymous with colour that they might like to see it draped in sheer dyed lengths of transparent silk and tiled brightly. Below is what I came up with… FX liked it so much they put it on the cover! 2 covers in one month…

Click on the cover to see the whole magazine…

FX02-001-Cover-PH3•.inddFX02-114-if Only-ph3•.indd

Taj Mahal at dusk

ladie at Taj

taj dusk


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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2 Responses to A colourful vision of the Taj Mahal

  1. Anna Glasbrook says:

    Ptolemy, I loved your idea for the Taj Mahal – think it’s the best ‘if only’ I’ve seen in Fx over the years! Congratulations on your two stunning covers this month. You must be feeling fantastic -looking forward to seeing what’s next!! All best Anna

    Anna Glasbrook annaglasbrook.com 07876 386275

    Sent from my iPad


    • Ptolemy Mann says:

      Thanks Anna! Yup it’s been an epic month is such an unexpected way! So glad you like the idea – I still can’t believe they put it on the cover!! How’s your work going? Keith and I were just remembering how cool it was to visit your parents! Xx

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