Introducing…..Petrol Blue Gelim

I am slightly obsessed by this colour at the moment… inky, deep, petrol blue. A warm blue which has depth and gravitas.

Introducing my new Petrol Grey Stripe Gelim. A serious and grown up rug for those who want to make a glorious and strong statement.

I will be releasing more pictures over the next few days and weeks to show you our new collection of Gelims fresh from India.

Available from:

Lovely pictures taken by Katya de Grunwald.

Massive Thanks to Lisa and Graham for the wonderful location.


Petrol Grey Stripe - Hero shot - PTOLEMY MANN & RUGMAKER Picture by Katya de Grunwald Petrol Grey Stripe Cutout Petrol Grey Stripe detail 1 Petrol Grey Stripe detail 2

Petrol Grey Stripe detail 3

Petrol Grey Stripe Gelim - PTOLEMY MANN & RUGMAKER



About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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