More Kimono Mann cushions…

Not that I’m obsessed or anything…. but here are some more Kimono Mann Cushions. Freshly stitched in my rural farmyard studio. Japanese graphic punches and ornate, highly embellished, gold threaded birds cover these beauties. I’m becoming very interested in the diversity of Japanese fabric design; a broad and dynamic aesthetic, full of humour, yet elegant. These have been a pleasure to source and make and we hope you enjoy them too.

 Kimono Mann 11 - Japanese Detail Kimono Mann 11 - Japanese Detail 2Kimono Mann 11 - Japanese pair of cushions

Kimono Mann 10 - Japanese detail Kimono Mann 10 - Japanese Side  Kimono Mann Cushions - Orange and Greens

Kimono Mann 17 - Detail Kimono Mann 17 - Japanese side 2  Kimono Mann 13 - Japanese side Kimono Mann 13 - Vortex sideKimono Mann Cushions - Blues


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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