CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK – A night on the tiles….

Next week is a super busy week for me… nothing happens for a while and then suddenly its all go….

The week kicks off with a TV debut; I’m the weaving mentor on Monty Don’s REAL CRAFT – a series being shown on More 4 about Craft. 9pm Monday night on the 19th May. I have no idea what to expect… no preview available. Crossing my fingers and hoping its a good watch… sure it will be!

Tuesday then see’s the unveiling of my super sonic tile mural at Clerkenwell Design Week. Especially for Johnson Tiles in honour of the re-launch of their range PRISMATICS (which I helped re-colour) I’ve designed a mural with 4200 tiles covering a massive external space in a positively exuberant display of chromatic tile-tastic fabulousness…. well that was the aim. Let’s see how it looks on Tuesday. There’s a sneak preview below. Come see it if you happen to be in Clerkenwell next week.

Lastly… to celebrate my bed linen available online I’m having a FLASH sale of… you guessed it… FLASH IKAT bed linen. Seems appropriate. Until the 25th may there will be 10% off all Flash Ikat bed linen so get clicking while stocks last.


Prismatic Landscape - Full wall - high res

Part 3





About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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