Mid Century Modern Mother… In black and white

I realised recently that I must have acquired my interest in all things mid century modern from my mother.

Sadly no longer with us, she was an experimental filmmaker, painter, editor and an extremely creative soul. A Salisbury (Wiltshire… English…) lass, born and bred she moved to the West Village in New York City when she was very young, newly married to her first husband, where she had my eldest sister in 1964. I was recently lucky enough to meet one of her great childhood friends who still lives in Salisbury and who kindly gave me a massive envelope full of amazing pictures from my mum’s early life. Amongst many revelations and personal memories I was surprised to see what she had been sitting on back then… the most wonderful Eames ottoman and lounger; a mysterious butterfly chair supporting her tiny elegant frame. What was also a revelation was how beautiful she was… in her later life she avoided makeup and fashion; almost deliberately, preferring a natural hippy-ish persona. In fact I’m not sure I ever remembered her wearing any trace of makeup?

Yet…here is a deeply glamorous woman, a part-time model it transpired from these pictures; Brooding and beautiful… looking onto the world from her Manhattan loft, cigarette in hand and legs tucked under one of those fabulous chairs.



Maxine in a chair low

Maxine Spring 1964 low



Maxine by a window low

About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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2 Responses to Mid Century Modern Mother… In black and white

  1. Nicole Katz says:

    Ptolemy what a beautiful post. My condolences. I didn’t know your mother had passed away. I love the one of her in profile in the low chair. Hope all well with you darling. Love Nicole xx

  2. Wow! These are absolutely amazing. How wonderful to have these, what a beauty x

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