Cool Frank – Rug of the day

Cool Blue. Turquoise circles intersecting. Dark and light. Deep petrol blue at the centre with a circle of warm grey around it’s edge. This rug is loosely inspired by a carpet that the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed for a house he built for his son David. I saw a picture of it years ago in a book and was struck by the complexity and geometry of it. My take is simplified but captures some of the essence of the original design which was based on a 1920’s mural. Apparently the house was sold a few years ago when David and his wife Gladys died aged 102 and 104 respectively. The house was in a place called Arcadia in Arizona… a fitting name for such a spectacular house. The original rug was custom made for the house and consequently, when removed from it’s original space, has quite an extraordinary shape. The rug was put up for auction by LA Modern.

If you’d like a more affordable homage to the great Frank Lloyd Wright then please do get in touch ( This rug is hand knotted in Nepal from wool and can be made to order in any size.

The beautiful pictures of my rug were taken by Nicole Rowntree.



PTRUGS 71 (1)





FLF carpet

About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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