Vladimir Kagan at home – Interior colour with heart

Following on from my recent post about Mid Century Modern the newest object of my desire is the work of Vladimir Kagan. Sometimes things are echoed in the collective unconscious and after first seeing Vladimir Kagan’s apartment for the first time in the lovely book Handcrafted Modern I then saw an interview with the man himself in the Financial Times a few weeks ago. His immense love of all things creative and, at the grand age of 85, he is still working prolifically as a furniture designer. There is something about the colour in his New York apartment that sings… retro and modern at the same time. Full of lived in soulfulness. Low and behold he too was married to a textile artist and designer called Erica Wilson famed for her needlepoint and embroidery. Their apartment is modernism with soul… colour applied with heart and personal meaning. The Turquoise wall of the living room, in particular, is a beautiful thing to behold. His furniture designs are extraordinary, low slung modernist gems.

Look and learn.


6_30_10_VladEricaKagen30521 6_30_10_VladEricaKagen30527  548ddc37-904b-4409-91a0-7214bd98a5ec  28429041367254545TszxswhYc  5466749_1contourRocking04_k HandcraftedModern_p108


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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