Full Colour – An Exhibition of Paintings by Garth Lewis at Platform Gallery – Habitat, Kings Road, London

Postings were rare in April. Apologies!

All I can say is that with imminent bed-linen launch, rug launch and my show at Chatsworth all coming up fast on the horizon things have been a little busy recently. Still, no excuse for neglecting the Significant Colourists!

Spring Colour is at last in the air and with this in mind some of you may like to come to a talk I’m participating in next week at the Platform Gallery which is located in the Habitat store on the Kings Road in London. Curated by Jenny Granger this is a relatively new (appropriately named) platform for projects, ideas and artists that Habitat feel an affinity with. Full Colour is an exhibition of paintings by Garth Lewis. My colour mentor and tutor at central Saint Martins in the early 1990’s, Garth is a true modern-day colour theorist devoted to his subject. His book, 2000 colour combinations has become a colour bible for many and he has spent much time these last years developing his Virtual Colour Course a totally different way to mix accurate colour on the computer. This show, however, is very much about his paintings. Massive explosions of colour painted on top of digitally printed bases. This is a great chance to see them first hand. The talk be a sort of colour dialogue between Garth, Habitat’s senior designer Rebecca Hoyes, and I. Colour gems should be pinging all over the gallery both verbally and visually. Please do come along… Click and enlarge invite below for details:

Invite to Colour show at Platform






About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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One Response to Full Colour – An Exhibition of Paintings by Garth Lewis at Platform Gallery – Habitat, Kings Road, London

  1. bestjanet says:

    Hi Ptolemy

    Hope you are happy and well and enjoying the spring colours .

    I have asked for a ticket for the 15th May – fingers crossed I get one. Not had a reply yet.

    Look forwards to seeing your soon.

    Janet x


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