Auction at Contemporary Applied Arts – The Chromatic Bathroom

Contemporary Applied Arts is an organisation that I’ve been a memeber of for about 15 years; as the name implies they devote themselves to promoting and selling high end applied arts. I’ve participated in several lovely shows there and they remain one of the few galleries in London who specialise in this kind of work. In fact since I’ve been a member they have had a lovely gallery space on Percy Street in London and they are now moving to a glorious new space in Southwark. The Architects Allies and Morrison who fitted out their Percy street gallery have now offered them a space next door to their own offices and opposite the Blue Fin Building in Borough. To raise money for the new build they are having an auction on Thursday 14th March which I have donated some pieces for. Please do take a look at the list as there are a wide range of pieces and prices to suit all.

As part of their re-location project a call was put out to design a digitally printed tiled bathroom for the new gallery which I have been selected to do! A saturated parallel universe which you step into using the newest digital print-on-tile technology…very exciting. HR Johnson tiles are kindly sponsoring the project and I’m looking forward to working with them, Allies and Morrison and the lovely Brian Kennedy to make the whole thing happen!

….a very sneaky preview of an early sketch is shown below:

Chromatic loo - Full spectrum - Digital Ikat Printed on tile


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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