Architectural Prints….. (and some other things for sale)

I am spring cleaning the studio and trying to make way for the new year and the new season…. It also occurs to me that after passing the  20,000 visitors mark with my blog it might be sensible to list some of the lovely things I have for sale. If you are looking for something really unique then take a look at my architectural prints.

In my work as an architectural colour consultant I specify colours primarily for the external facades of buildings. It began in 2006 when I started work as lead artist on King’s Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire for the NHS and Swanke Hayden Connell Architects. What I have discovered from this work is that when you remove the building itself from the drawing and just leave the colour they take on an abstract and quite interesting presence. Other projects since include a seven story car park in Preston for Stanton Williams, a facade proposal for St Thomas Hospital with David Morley Architects. I’m currently working with Greenhill Jenner on a lovely school in South London… bringing colour into the lives of our youth!

Of course what becomes very apparent is how closely the structure of an architectural facade is related to the warp and weft structure of cloth. What I like about these is that they feel like you are zooming inside a piece of woven cloth. This is a big subject for me… infact I’ve written quite a lot about it already in an article for Selvedge Magazine called Structurally Sound – Exposing the foundations of weaving and architecture (click to read)

These prints are a limited edition of 10 each. Printed on Somerset velvet paper. 80 x 60cm framed. £350 each  (unframed £300)

Other things for sale are listed on other pages of the blog.


Architectural Print:  ‘Facade 1’  80 x 60cm: £300Architectural Facade 1


Architectural Print:  ‘Facade 2’  80 x 60cm: £300 Architectural Facade 2


Architectural Print:  ‘Facade 3’  80 x 60cm: £300 Architectural Facade 3


Architectural Print:  ‘Facade 5’  80 x 60cm: £300 Architectural Facade 5


Architectural Print:  ‘Facade 6’  80 x 60cm: £300 Architectural Facade 6




Architectural prints 1-6










About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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