Colour of the moment – Monsieur Jaune and Mirabelle

Everything outside is VERY white. There’s a beautiful kind of quiet hovering in the atmosphere. I think this is the perfect moment to introduce Monsieur Jaune.

I met him in France last September and in fact he’s more orange than yellow but none-the-less he has been named Monsieur Jaune. Golden yellow-orange cats have a very special quality; almost always Tom cats they inevitably have a unique personality and I confess to having lived with several of them in my life. The sashimi/salmon like coat of the marmalade cat is a thing of beauty. Hot burnt orange stripes separated by creamy soft peachy fur. And they always have magnificent fur. Mr Jaune is no exception and he quickly becomes the favourite point of conversation during my visit. A Mirabelle plum tart turns out to be almost the same colour as him. One of my best desserts I immediately jump at the chance to buy them…right at the end of their season and throw them upside down in a tarte tartin.

It makes me glow to think of such mesmerizing yellow joy at this time of year. Not to mention the laughter we have on discovering a 70’s French Flip Cook Book called ‘Un Million de Menus’…yes, just think of how long it would take to work your way through that one. That’s one million days, based on one three course dinner per night, to work your way through it (2739.73 years)….

(Fritzy Ritz…this ones for you!)















About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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2 Responses to Colour of the moment – Monsieur Jaune and Mirabelle

  1. OwlMcCloud says:

    Very cute cat and pretty color.

  2. That’s quite a challenge my lovely. Not sure I there’s enough days in the week… ! X

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