A New Year; New light…

Happy New Year to all…

This is a time of deep reflection for most of us; a subtle mulling over of what has been and what’s to come. I’ve had a double whammy with turning 40 a few weeks ago. I guess I’m a proper grown-up now? I celebrated in style with a massive bang which I enjoyed and somehow it all seemed extremely good and positive.

After all the colour and tinsel of the last month I somehow yearn for the desaturation that January brings. A wonderful kind of light envelops a room, slow slung sun light that occasionally graces you with its beams. And when it does you really appreciate and soak it up. Colour too can be introspective, not the horrible beige and taupes we are constantly forced upon but an elegant and deliberate desaturation. The chroma is still there but somehow quieter and more retrospective; inward, quietly imploding within itself. I think it’s time to throw away the term ‘neutral’ when talking about colour, interiors and fashion and use the term desaturate instead.

This year I will continue to try to encourage intelligent, elegant colour in our lives. Use it with deliberation, learn when to hold back and desaturate and when to really pack a punch and throw in the brightest, toughest colour the situation can handle. It’s not about using colour all the time but about using it in the right place and in the right proportion.




About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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One Response to A New Year; New light…

  1. Those cushions make me think of Central Asia. Maybe Uzbekistan, or my days in the north of Afghanistan.

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