The Illuminated Illustrator – Anne Smith

How wonderful to be greeted this morning by a message from the lovely Anne Smith telling me about her beautiful 100 cup series now available on-line through the website: Everything in my house

Anne and I shared our studio in Borough Market for eight years and had the rare pleasure of a most harmonious working life together during that time. Despite the clanging and banging of my loom she still managed to create her exquisite artworks. Her work truly is illuminated; in the real sense of the word. The gem like colours leap from the page with a delicate line. Anne is completely in control of her brush and her palette. Everything is very much in the correct proportion and she always manages to have just enough of exactly the right colour in her elegant paintings. Her 100 cup series has been evolving over several years and follows a constant, gentle shifting of theme and quality. Decorative elements combined with the illustrative natural world and a subtle homage to her many years as a celebrated ceramicist in her native USA; her cups are things of extreme beauty and depth. An unusual combination of digital print and gouache paint these are truly unique artworks now available just in time for Christmas….














About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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