Chromascope Cushions for the THE NEW CRAFTSMEN – Pop up Shop in Mayfair

I am delighted to announce a new group, that I am a founding member of, called THE NEW CRAFTSMEN

They are celebrating their launch with a pop up shop in Mayfair styled by Priscilla Carluccio featuring the work of several makers. Ndidi Ekubia, Charlotte Linton, Disa Allsopp, Alex Ramsay and Carréducker to name a few. The shop will be open for 2 weeks from the:


3rd – 15th December 2012

at  5 Carlos Place, Mayfair, London W1K 3AP

I have created something TOTALLY new for them. They are called ‘THE CHROMASCOPE SERIES’ and are a set of only 8 unique, one-of-a-kind stitched cushions. Over the last 16 years I have collected small swatches of my work and amassed a collection of jewel coloured flashes of hand dyed and woven cloth. These have been meticulously stitched together by the wonderful ‘needlesmith’ (my word for a master interiors seamstress) Nina Plumer. Nina and I have worked together for the last 2 months to produce these pieces, each one completely bespoke and original and un-repeatable. These are exclusive to The New Craftsmen and will be for sale during the 2 weeks pop up shop. They cost £445 (including vat) and are 46 x 46cm squares lined with beautiful 100% wool suiting.

A kaleidoscopic celebration of craft and geometry. The perfect gift for the colour fanatic in your life!







About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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2 Responses to Chromascope Cushions for the THE NEW CRAFTSMEN – Pop up Shop in Mayfair

  1. Sally White says:

    Love them xxS

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