East Sussex Artists by Alun Callender and black, glossy blog books…

Dear Significant Colourists,

Please forgive the hiatus in blogging recently…there’s been a lot going on! Moving house, preparing to turn 40 and perfecting the finishing touches to the bedlinen collection to name a few. I plan to catch up this week and fill you in on whats been happening. This also seems a good moment to mention this is my 120 post since Significant Colour began in July 2011 and I recently used blog2print, an American website, to print all the posts so far. It was a great exercise and slightly daunting (and ironic) to see all 214 pages of it printed and bound in a hard-back, glossy BLACK covered book. I hadn’t quite realized how much work I had accumulated?!

To kick things off again I wanted to talk about a project by a wonderful photographer I’ve worked with called Alun Callender. Regulars might know that he photographed the collection of dresses I did with Eloise Grey. He recently contacted me to say he was working on a project of portraits of East Sussex based artists and he had heard I now qualified. He came to my studio on a crisp October morning and decided to shoot in the garden draping the fabrics over the washing line in defiance of wind and nature. You can see the result below; a testament to my 40 years on the planet….

I recommend you look at his website for other portraits and further details of the project (and his other photographic work) can also be seen on his blog. The saturation and clarity of colours is wonderful in these portrait’s, inky blacks contrast with the vibrancy of palette.

A wow-whizz of chromatic folk at (and with) their creative work.


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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