Cabins, Eames and Aubergine…

Yet again I find myself struck by a series of unexpected events that seem to come together and form an intriguing picture in my life (as the daughter of an astrologer I guess it’s not so surprising?) After a long search I have found a new place to live in the wilds of Sussex. Less of a cottage and more a ‘chalet’ tucked away in the woods next to a river.

After recently discovering the wonderful Cabin Porn site which celebrates remote cabins across the world this seems somewhat fitting. Coupled with my yearnings for all things mid-century modern I suddenly find myself on the brink of living a very different aesthetic (also in the company of a remarkable tall-thin-man of my fancy). After a long absence from eBay I also find myself the instant co-owner of the rather wonderful vintage Ercol Studio Couch snapped up for a fraction of the usual price. Regulars of this blog will know this is appropriate after several personal collaborations with the modern Ercol factory in recent years. This beautiful piece of furniture came from a nice woman in Bournemouth who was quite reluctant to part with it as it belonged to her father. A darker stained wood than usual, I threw a piece of my ORB linen fabric (now available online!) over the seat until its upholstered properly. A match made in heaven. The charcoal black, dark green and aubergine tones work a dream with the wood and the orb motif suddenly echoes the marbled aubergine my neighbours have grown and given me that morning. Violet and green again but as nature discerns, punctured with a white ikat blur of its own.

So far the only thing in the new abode and the studio couch already looks quite at home next to the wood burning stove but as I was moving the studio couch into the new room I found a little book on the side shelf, evidently left by a previous occupant; amazingly it happens to be the ‘POWERS OF TEN’ flip book by Charles and Ray Eames. This is a real find. A project Charles and Ray did in 1977 which was initially a film exploring scale from the edge of the universe to within the atom of a sleeping mans hand. I’ve always known about this but have never seen the little book and yet here it is lying by itself in an empty room keeping company with the Ercol couch.The many scales of mankind flicked through in a moment.

There is something comforting knowing they sit together on a reclaimed Sussex chestnut wood floor waiting to be lived with; a good omen for my new home and I’m hoping life will flow fast and pure like the river that passes by the window.













About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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3 Responses to Cabins, Eames and Aubergine…

  1. ATMann says:

    It all looks very cosy and delicious Ptolemy. Congrats…..
    Love Dad

  2. Jessika says:

    Moving molecules and finding treasure how wonderful…

  3. Anna says:

    What wonderful synchronicity! A beautiful piece of both writing and fabric.

  4. Wow, congratulations on finding your cabin palace – sounds amazing!

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