Monogrammed Mann in white…

I believe more and more in serendipity.

Going to my local village to buy vegetables I came home with the most immaculate, vintage linen sheets embroidered with my own initials. The last thing in the world I was looking for but there they were… in perfect condition; king size, expertly starched, brilliant white sheets, not one but two with my exact initials, in the right order. I’m no mathematician but I’d like to know the statistics of actually finding the right letters in the right sequence… in the local village hall antique sale on  a Monday morning.

It also got me wondering who the original PM was? Where did these come from?

As some of you know I am currently designing my own range of bed linen so it is very much in the front of my mind right now and I have been toying with the idea of multi-coloured – monogrammed embroidery. As I am also re-branding my work identity in general I am looking rather more than usual at my name and how it works typographically. I am NOT a fan of white and very rarely am I drawn to it but there are a few things in life that really do work well in white on white and the sharp, raised-edge of embroidered type etched into the crisp linen is one of them.


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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3 Responses to Monogrammed Mann in white…

  1. mark says:

    I’m envious. Keep your eyes peeled for a set with MJR please.

  2. Ptolemy Mann says:

    …I thought you and Sally might be impressed! Whats the probability of that? It’s from this vintage this linen dealer based in Wadhurst. I can give you her email address…

  3. Di' says:

    How very fortunate of you.

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