B is for Batik

Lush English countryside whips past the window; sun (for once) filters through the trees and we are on the way to Suffolk to visit the Artist Helen Dougall

In my enthusiasm for Batik after returning from Indonesia I decided to do a short course in the process to see if I could use it in some way in my textile design work. I discovered Helen’s work and the fact that she teaches Batik. So here we are on a lovely August morning preparing for two days at the hot wax station in Helen’s wonderful studio. Her work evokes a post impressionistic woodcut landscape for me and her skill means the Batik process becomes slightly secondary, giving the works a graphic quality of line. Spending some days with her in her studio proved a real treat. I’m not sure I completely mastered the technique but my fellow classmate certainly did. Channeling his graphic design precision suited the batik process amazingly well.

Below are typography letters by Mr Graphics, Helen’s landscapes, and my attempts to put my batik efforts into textile repeats.

Bring on the Batik alphabet…



















About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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