Introducing The Jaya – Is the earth really flat?

After the Balinese blessing I was invited along on the honeymoon along with 1o other people. This was no ordinary honeymoon but a Wicked Diving trip. The fabulous Paul Land orchestrated the most wonderful trip imaginable for 10 days on board the Jaya, an authentic Indonesia wooden sailing boat. Starting at the port of Gili Trawangan the Jaya picked us up late afternoon and we were off. Along with a team of four diving instructors and a crew of five Indonesians including an 8th generation Bugis Captain… we were indeed a merry group.

The luminous Indigo blue sails of The Jaya metaphorically unfurled we motored off into the empty night (not enough crew to actually sail but we did get her sails out later on in the trip) across the straits in between Lombok and Sumbawa to land at Moyo in the morning. The cabin lurched and hurled me around the bunk and my first night ever sleeping on a boat was quite an adventure. Waking up to the pitching, creaking volcanic blackness in the middle of the night felt like passing the threshold at the edge of the world. Awake at 5.30 AM to the tranquil sea and the sun gently beginning to lift itself above the horizon.

Absolute complete silence. Bliss.















About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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