Indonesian Flower Spectrum

In the Komodo National park there are, as expected, large lazy dragons slouching in the shadows. Their forked tongues slipping silently out of their mouths. A stillness hovers in the midday sun.

But as I look up above my head there are the most exquisite little wild orchids nestled in the tree. Way up high so I can only just see them. Eruptions of gentle curving florets clustered together. Small elegant blossoms bushing their dusty pinks.

As I stumble in the dark some days later through the narrow passages of Penenstanan, the water gushing beside me and the frogs chirping in my ears I notice little flowers on the path and sweep up a couple in my hand. The palest yellow pink-grey petals form around a chocolate charcoal center the colour of liquid Belgian hot cocoa.

Flushed hot pink fuchsia’s dangle on the bush of a neighbouring house.

And when, at last, I go to sleep in the Javanese hut in the Javanese Pixie bed a tiny scented Frangipani flower has found its way to my pillow.


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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