Indonesian Iridescence…

It’s hard to articulate beforehand what our expectations of a foreign place will be.

Indonesia has taken me by surprise and gone so much deeper than I expected. Yes, the colours are bright, saturated explosions taking place around you; often on the floor in Bali where the several daily offerings end up scattered underfoot. But there is a special softness here, a delicacy, a certain sort of purposefulness.

Today marks my return and is the first of several posts exploring the ‘Significant Colour’ of this extraordinary country. The arc will travel from the traditional every day details of tourist filled – filmic Ubud via the remote boat building and weaving village of Wera on the northern coast of the island of Sambawa stopping at some beautiful black tipped reef shark snorkeling – Batik drenched – double Ikat weaving – dizzying heights (and depths) along the way…. concluding in Flores at Labuan Bajo’s phenomenal Buffalo Motzarella palace.


(Thanks to Tip Top for some of the pictures)
















About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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