Ultimate Fish Pie…. (in Turquoise Le Crueset) and Sussex Pond Pudding

I know I promised that this blog will be about colour but sometimes I can’t help squeezing food in there too. The Ultimate Fish Pie was made this weekend at my house…a collaborative effort. Having made a fair number of fish pies in my time I have to say this was the best ever (and it was in a very fetching Turquoise Le Crueset)… Continuing the watery theme we also made a Sussex Pond Pudding and now that I live in Sussex I hope to master this; a suet pudding with a whole lemon nestled in it’s midst that you cook for 4 hours until the entire lemon disintegrates (this is the part I haven’t quite mastered). The recipe is taken from the Queen of ‘English Food’  Jane Grigson and her book of the same title.

This pudding packs an incredible punch… and its lemony tartness follows on from the fish pie magnificently…

(but not for weak -hearted or dieting souls)


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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4 Responses to Ultimate Fish Pie…. (in Turquoise Le Crueset) and Sussex Pond Pudding

  1. Laura says:

    Blimey. How I wish I had been there! Looks incredible.

  2. Now, that is a tease! Turquoise Le Creuset good enough to eat anyway – but with fish pie…. Who could resist?

  3. Sarah Crowther Artist says:

    The fish pie looks AMAZING!

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