Flower Spectrum – Daffodil Yellow

Am being slighty optimistic today in my early celebration of spring but as I type the sunlight is streaming through the window and catching the vase of daffodils on my desk. There is something shameless and reliable about them. One of the purest forms of yellow there is. Not quite as orange and spicy as the marigold but deeply saturated and full of light and hopefulness. They come at a time of year when we need colour desperately and boy do they deliver a punch.

About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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2 Responses to Flower Spectrum – Daffodil Yellow

  1. Especially, as it was only last night that you were celebrating the snow!!
    Just kidding! Beautiful pictures as usual!

  2. Ptolemy Mann says:

    You see…we need it more than ever! I can’t dwell on white for too long!

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