Colour of the moment – White

I am often surprised by how much I dislike white.

Rarely does it move or inspire me. It is a colour that I almost NEVER use when I make artwork. I never wear it.

However… I stepped out the door last Sunday morning and I must confess I was totally seduced and overwhelmed by the powdery wonderland that met my gaze. The clarity and texture of the snow was quite exceptional; strangely warm to touch and so, so incredibly soft. The contrast between snow and landscape was exaggerated, trees took on a blackness, plants a feathery neutral timbre. Everything seemed outlined, nature drawing on its own blank canvas.

Rarely have a felt so warmed by white.






















About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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5 Responses to Colour of the moment – White

  1. Jon-Marc says:

    Beautiful observations and photographs!

  2. Dounia says:

    Beautiful photos – thanks for sharing!

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