Colour of the Moment – Yellow Ochre in Copenhagen

It’s well below zero in Copenhagen and the sky is a matt, opaque plastic grey. A flat expanse of de-saturation.

Piercing this skyline is the classic yellow ochre that Danes typically paint their houses. Apparently composed of an iron ore base this colour has decorated architectural facades throughout Danish history and it’s a colour I have come to associate completely with this beautiful city. Of course on closer inspection there are a wide spectrum of tones and saturation of the colour and indeed of many other classic colours scattered around the city. A delicate pale milky blue, a burnt orange of the richest golden hue mottled by time and weather come together along the canal side. An architectural spectrum of elegant subtlety.










About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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6 Responses to Colour of the Moment – Yellow Ochre in Copenhagen

  1. Hello!

    Wonderful photographs, the warm colors are certainly a sight for eyes used to chill of winter. I have one question, what does that word in the second photograph mean? Orlogsm?



    • Ptolemy Mann says:

      Hi Dorian,

      Thanks for looking at the blog… I’ve taken some artistic license and cropped the image. Its actually a much longer Danish word and I’m not especially up on my Danish but the building is some kind of Maritime museum I believe? I’m leaving copenhagen today and will walk past again and take a look, if I remembe,r at the whole word! I’ll check out your blog too… Best, Ptolemy

  2. There images are so, so beautiful, but it’s the first one that I like the most, the lovely subdued shades of the roof against the ochre, then that lovely bench! So inspirational, keep them coming!

  3. Nicole Waldner says:

    Hi sweetie,

    If I lived in Denmark I’m sure I’d want to paint my house ochre, or yellow, or sky blue. Here in the sub-tropics people do just the opposite, they paint their houses in the drab spectrum of brown, any and every variation on that most over-used and hyped of colours…

    Missing you, love Nicole xxx

  4. Oh lovely! I didn’t know you were going to Copenhagen, would have loved you to meet my friend Claus x

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