Early Spring Greens… by Katya de Grunwald

The weather is convincing many spring flowers to make an early appearance this year, primroses and green daffodil shoots are peeping through the earth already; and so too is fashion.

 This recent story for The Independent Magazine shot by the exquisite photographer Katya de Grunwald celebrates those fabulous spring greens, that ‘new’ green that verges on citrine and holds the promise of warmer times ahead. I’ve been lucky enough to know Katya for some time now and have treasured my annual hand printed cards from her over the years. The reddest shoes on earth sitting against their monochromatic backdrop is a particular favourite. She often uses real film and a medium format camera and has an eye for colour that is exceptional and original…there is an atmosphere and saturation to her work that is quite special.


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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One Response to Early Spring Greens… by Katya de Grunwald

  1. Ooh gorgeous, LOVE the swimsuit! JX

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