The Winter Chromatic Landscape

I got up early this morning and strode out to catch the frost on the ground. I had a feeling it might be beautiful but it was like stepping onto another planet. A metallic frost clinging in vertical formations onto every blade of grass; an etherial mist hovering halfway across the reservoir gradually revealing the landscape beneath. Burnished greys and silver blues blending into grouse coloured earth. Despite the coolness of the chroma I found it strangely warm and sensuous with the strong sun lurking behind giving a glimpse of crystal blue high in the atmosphere above.






















About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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6 Responses to The Winter Chromatic Landscape

  1. bananabatman says:

    Nice use of a cold and frosty morning. I was too slow getting moving I’m afraid.

  2. stunningly lovely–thank god you got up and brought back these to share.

  3. Wowee, these are gorgeous. I didn’t leave the house yesterday, too cold, but you’ve inspired me…

  4. judy says:

    What a beautiful place you live in…..all that natural beauty right on your doorstep. While I open my front door and gaze at the 5 stories of scaffolding and hording on the house across the street. Never mind, there have been some stunning pink and orange sunrises and Primrose Hill is just a few steps away . You have inspired me to get up early so as not to miss the early morning frosts!

  5. Mark Ryan says:

    Am I likely to come across the expression “the coolness of the chroma” ever again?! Beautiful pics but DAMNED cold -looking brass monkey chroma to me……

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