New Year : Sky Blue (and more Chromatic Chutney)


After the joys of Christmas I like nothing better than to take in the New Year in a quiet and reflective way. After being in bed with a cold all day during rainy yesterday (which gave me plenty of quiet reflection) I was greeted this morning by the most incredible blue sky. There is nothing quite like a pure blue sky. No clouds just a richness and saturation of hue. Flat, blank and yet full of potential at the same time. Blue skies represent a whole host of things and the phrase itself has become a metaphor for creative thinking. In my quest to use colour as a creative and positive tool it seems appropriate to start the new year with a pure blue sky.  The ELO song, ‘Mr Blue Sky’ has always been one of my favourites and I hope that any of you lucky enough to be sharing a blue sky today can take a moment to step out and take it in for a moment. Maybe you have the ELO song to hand, why not put it on? Or follow the link above. Hopefully it will get you dancing around the kitchen…

Speaking of kitchens… I can’t help following up with another Chromatic Chutney update. I got completely carried away at Christmas with this project and everyone was inundated with jars and jars of the stuff. It even extended to what we now refer to in my household as ‘The Hedgerow Spitzer’ a cocktail made using my rosehip, crabapple and sloe syrup (despite its high vitamin C content however I still seem to have come down with a cold?!)

I’ve done some little portraits of my chromatic beauties and my hedgerow hued creations, blackcurrant schnapps, sloe gin, sloe vodka, star anise schnapps (ok… not from a hedgerow I know). Strange how they each seem to have taken on their own personalities?


 from Significant Colour XXX


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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One Response to New Year : Sky Blue (and more Chromatic Chutney)

  1. Wow! pleased to see you have progressed to BOOZE! Wonderful. I too love ELO and was just thinking about asking Audio Gold if they had a copy of the album that includes Mr Blue Sky just a couple of days ago. Synchronicity… Wishing you many, many blue sky days in 2012 lovely Ptolemy xxx

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