The Shard….

As the rain slides down the windows of the studio I think back to a few weeks ago and the clear blue skies that framed The Shard building in London Bridge as I walked past. Seems an appropriate time of year to celebrate the glass shard that has been steadily growing to its steely point over the last year in SE1. A crisp silver-grey spear cutting through the clouds; there is something quite magnificent about its geometry and simplicity. A smooth, shear glass skin makes up its surface. I do feel some optimism standing underneath it, like it’s cutting through the past year and clearing some space for future endeavours. A shard of blue light to give us something to look forward to….


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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One Response to The Shard….

  1. I saw it suddenly in clear relief a couple of days ago when i was driving from Muswell Hill to Archway – I only ever drive at Christmas and I’d never noticed it on the skyline all the millions of times I’d done that route on the bus! It sure is a beautiful building but I’ve never seen it close up. Perhaps I will make a pilgrimage…

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