‘Happiness via Colour ‘ Part 1: Nostalgic Colour….

A nostalgic frame of mind sent me searching through some old papers and I found a very early ‘colour study’ I did circa 1978 or thereabouts. I was surprised to see how primary the colour palette was and yet as children I suppose we are often given these primary colours straight from the paint pot. They become the first colour palette we explore and the secondary colours come later. Nonetheless I was pleased to see a bold touch with colour even at this early age.

In fact the more I look at it the more intrigued I am. I believe that much of how we respond to colour is emotional, personal and historical. Memories are triggered by colour in the same way as taste, smell and sound. I am guessing there might be scientific evidence to endorse this but my own instincts and observations convince me that this is true. The colour of a childhood bedroom or family car can remain in our internal colour indexes. I will never forget a certain kind of aqua, sea green that my Dad’s mini was painted or that salmon pink smocked dress that I wore to my 6th birthday (possibly the very dress I was wearing when I painted the picture below)…

For the New Year I want to encourage an appreciation of ‘Happiness via Colour’ and I think Nostalgic Colour is a good place to start. Remember a very happy time and think what colour you associate with that  moment. If it makes you smile then even better; every time you see that colour it might just trigger that good thought? You never know…

I also found an intriguing drawing I did, probably when I was much younger, more like  2 or 3  of a rainbow without any colour at all. Who knows what the message is here? Rather existential for a 3-year-old don’t you think?

(…more likely I was just using the only pen available at the time and the mission was to draw a rainbow despite this!) 


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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