Colour (combination) of the Moment – Scarlet Red and Forest Green

Christmas is completely saturated with these two colours… a good example of how colour has infiltrated our daily lives on an unconscious level. Of all colour combinations this one really represents a whole list of ideas and concepts and has become synonymous with this time of year in the Western world. I have to say it’s one of my least favourite combinations; well, forest green and scarlet red is… if the red becomes touched with a magenta/geranium tone and the green tips towards lime then I’m in heaven. It’s funny how subtle differences like that make a world of difference when it comes to colour.

Despite my personal preference towards other combinations I was inspired to think about where these two colours stem from… and indeed they do ‘stem’… a walk in the woods quickly confirms this, unlooked-for I stumble across a delicate holly bush displaying its berries and suddenly it all makes complete sense. In fact the berries have a slightly tangerine orange edge to their hue and the leaves have a complexity of greens that defies our cartoon simplification of what we pretend holly really looks like. In reality and in nature it is quite a wonderful combination of colours. Of course complementary opposites at their best always have a vibration and interaction that’s hard to beat.

As I walk home I’m actually quite stimulated by my rediscovery of these two colours… and for the first time this year, I feel connected to Christmas or rather this particular symbol of winter celebration.                                



About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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One Response to Colour (combination) of the Moment – Scarlet Red and Forest Green

  1. Ah lovely. It’s Christmas Day in the Palace of Solitude today and you’ve reminded me to get out in the garden and snip a bit of holly with my secateurs for the table. Have a WONDERFUL festive season darling! Cocktails in the New Year…

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