Life drawing… in Glorious Technicolor

Last night I faced the night-time winds with my paint box in hand and went, for the first time in some years, to a life drawing class in the local village hall. Three hours of complete absorption. Like a kind of meditation I was reminded that life drawing is the ONLY thing that completely occupies my mind. Forget yoga… for me its the only truly zen practice. It also reminded me of those lucky, naive, early years when my friends and I gathered in the dusty art room at school on a Tuesday night to life draw. I hadn’t realised at the time how progressive it was for a school to run an evening life drawing class for it’s 17-year-old students. I think it must have been the true beginning of my creative life. My friend Alex and I would then rush home to watch Twin Peaks on television; a cultural double whammy for teenage dreamers in a sleepy English village.

These are my attempts from last night.


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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3 Responses to Life drawing… in Glorious Technicolor

  1. Olivia B says:

    These are great – such Ptolemyesque colours! I’ve never tried with inks before – I’m inspired to give it a go.
    Olivia x

  2. Wow, I’ve only just spotted these. Amazing. You did all of this in ONE SESSION – you are an inspiration doll x

  3. Such beautiful, glowing colours, so glad you shared them.

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