Colour of the Moment – Rosehip Red

Late this afternoon I stepped out into the brisk air and went to pick rosehips for rosehip jelly. The sun was shimmering on the horizon and there was an extraordinary crispness in the atmosphere. The hedgerows were full of bounty. Blue-black sloes punctuating the woody tentacles of the Blackthorn trees lining the edge of the field. I found a tree with the largest sloes I have ever seen, its thick trunk implying a grand old age and sloes just shy of golf ball size. Shiny rosehips complete thorny tips and their colour seemed to me a sultry pink-red. The most surprising was the Spindle plant with its crazy fuchsia/orange florets; bringing an Indian style riot of colour to the otherwise de-saturated hedgerow… 







About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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One Response to Colour of the Moment – Rosehip Red

  1. Wow! Some sloe gin too I hope…

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