Colour (combination) of the Moment – Black and White

While working late into the night yesterday getting ready for my exhibition next week I put the movie SHALL WE DANCE on in the background to keep me awake. It certainly did the trick… especially when Ginger came galloping on the screen in this fabulous black and white dress. An almost Ikat like starburst pattern swirling upwards from the hem it reminded me of the virtues of good old Black and White. Not a combination I am ever that drawn to but in this instance I found it quite inspiring. After a little research I found another equally dazzling frock… of course we shall never know if they really were black and white off-screen but we get the idea and what a wonderful idea it is…


About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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2 Responses to Colour (combination) of the Moment – Black and White

  1. I love your posts – illuminations & spirit lifters – please keep them coming! Rosemary

  2. Ptolemy Mann says:

    Hi Rosemary, Thanks so much for the kind words… I’m really enjoying writing the blog. It’s so good to hear that it’s worth reading…THANK YOU! XPtolemy

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