Colour of the Moment… Primrose Yellow (or is it?)

I was walking down Bond street in London the other day on my way to a meeting when I saw a yellow wool coat in the window of Miu Miu  I had seen the coat a few times in the press in recent weeks and being a retro 1940’s fan I had already clocked it. But what I had underestimated was the real colour of it…

I often feel that yellow is one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated colours of the spectrum. What is special about this particular shade of yellow is it’s milky yet saturated quality. Quite a feat to achieve a bright yellow that has a level of sophistication never seen anywhere near the children’s play room. Yellow is too often associated with ‘daffodils’, ‘sunshine’ and the flat primary yellow straight from a kindergarten paint pot. This yellow, however, is in a league of its own.

There is a dinning room in Cork, Ireland that also has this amazing elegant shade of yellow; the creator of this remarkable room told me she found an old swatch paint book and managed to track down the company that made the original paint and got them to remix it for her. It is a masterpiece of interior design by a very clever and experienced maker of exquisite homes. Could this be described at Primrose yellow? Almost… but Primroses when they peek through the springtime soil have a somewhat greenish tint, a wafer thin transparency. This yellow is pregnant and full of nutrients, opaque and almost heavy with its chroma. In fact, to come back to the milky reference it has an egg yolk, protein about it.

Here is a picture of the coat as seen in How to Spend  it recently. The photograph has been taken by Andrew Yee. I love it on the lime green background…

PS if you go to the Bespoke pages!/articles/4960-the-bespokesperson-ptolemy-mann there is a lovely piece written by Dominic Lutyens about my work.



About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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One Response to Colour of the Moment… Primrose Yellow (or is it?)

  1. Wow, if I had the dough I would buy you that coat. What a beauty!

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