CHROMA IKAT ARMOIRE FOR ERCOL – And some other furniture too….

Continuing my announcement of the Ercol project I’m pleased to show you the CHROMA IKAT ARMOIRE. A special limited edition piece for the Stratford City Store. The brief was to decorate the Pilgrim Armoire in any way I felt appropriate and the concept I came up with was an elegant chromatically rich piece of furniture quite different to anything else you might have seen. Decorated furniture is usually a more painterly affair but I wanted to translate the slick linear Ikats of my fabrics into the piece. The result was a digitally printed Ikat design placed on transparent film which was placed over the front glass of the cabinet and down the wooden sides over a painted base. I hope you like the result which can be seen at the Stratford City store now…. Or in your living room if you want to part with £3000.


Here is an early visualisation of it in a room set…


As part of the same project John lewis decided to upholster two of their own brand pieces of furniture in 2 different fabrics from my Ikat collection. I chose the woven fabric, Broadstripe Ikat in Violet Indigo colourway to cover the Prism Couch and banquette. This was made here in the UK by the wonderful weaving Mill, David Walters in Sudbury, Suffolk. They have been weaving bespoke jaquard cloth since 1720 and I am honoured to be working with them. Prisim Couch is: £2100 and the Banquette is £799 available in the Stratford City store.






The second piece they covered is the Seatle chaise and for this I chose the Indigo ADRAS from Christopher Farr CLOTH. Needless to say it matches the cushion! Also available from the Stratford City Store for £1900.




About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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2 Responses to CHROMA IKAT ARMOIRE FOR ERCOL – And some other furniture too….

  1. Gemma says:

    I have the armoire in my living room! Purchased from the stratford store a couple of years ago! It’s beautiful and perfect!

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