IKAT is the new ‘black’….

Those of you who know my work well will also know that IKAT has been central to my practice as an artist, designer and consultant for the last 15 years. Ikat is a form of woven textiles where the warp and weft threads of a piece of cloth have been dyed before they have been woven. It typically creates a ‘blurred’ motif or design on the cloth. There are many different types of Ikat from all over the world and I thought it would be interesting to look more closely at Ikats in all their glory here at SIGNIFICANT COLOUR headquarters.

In anticipation of my Ikat project for Ercol and John Lewis which launches in the UK in mid September I wanted to get us all thinking about IKAT over the next few weeks. Although a rather specific word to describe a specific textile technique it has entrered a more general collective unconcious these last few years through various fashion and interior trends. In some ways Ikat, with its myriad of colours, has indeed become the new ‘black’…. Catwalks have seen this trend  in various forms for some time now and I have a feeling it will endure. Ikat is a platform which allows an exquisite variation and tonality of  moving colour to emerge. We seem less hung up on a small palette of dictated colours and more open to a technqiue that celebrates the movement and transition of many colours. 

This is my favourite book on Ikats:

Ikat: splendid silks of Central Asia : the Guido Goldman collection

Front Cover  By Kate Fitx Gibbon and Andrew Hale  

About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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2 Responses to IKAT is the new ‘black’….

  1. Rachel Morarjee says:

    Fascinating to see IKAT move out of it’s traditional central Asian home and onto the catwalks. Make me think of Afghanistan and Uzbek textiles. You’ll have to come and visit me in Moscow and we can explore the Ismailovsky market for central Asian goodies.

  2. sdsd htggh says:


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