For as long as I can remember I have found WHITE the hardest of colours to relate to. Almost impossible to get really excited about. Indeed, anyone who has read the first chapter of David Batchelor’s book CHROMOPHOBIA will know what I’m talking about. Recently my thoughts have changed on white and I find myself more curious and engaged in its subtle nuances. For me a good white is never really white it’s simply a very desaturated version of another colour. There is a ‘White’ garden at Sissinghurst and it really is a thing of great beauty. Harold and Vita apparently used to sit outside in complete darkness and watch the white garden glow as if bathed in moonlight; the plants themselves providing the shine. Consequently my Flower Spectrum project has expanded through milky lemon tones and the palest, white pinks. There still isn’t much white on show…






About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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  1. Al Jairo says:

    Nice pictures of flower spectrum! Wonderful colours. Thanks for sharing, it gives me some inspirations for flowers photos.

  2. I am not a fan of white either. Isn’t that funny, I’ve never thought about it before. Regarding white flowers, something that sticks in my mind is something my mum once said about having red and white flowers together (she was a florist). She didn’t like it and apparently in the trade they referred to this colour combination as “blood and bandages” !

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