Colour of the Moment: Greengage Green

I’ve been making jam and chutney the last few days as a sort of ‘Food Spectrum’ project. Right now the colour of greengages absolutely wears the colour crown for me. This time of year the array of greens surrounding us in the English countryside is surreal. There’s a tree in the garden absolutley dripping with these elegant little green plums and I have decided to try and capture their glory. What really makes this colour work is the fact that although green is a ‘cold’ colour from the cooler end of the spectrum, greengage ‘green’ has a lot of orange mixed into it. I know this because I have dyed this colour a million times in the dye lab and the moment you add a dash of orange into the mix a normal, rather ordinary ‘lime’ green is transformed beyond lime and into …. yes, you guessed it….GREENGAGE.

Of course what’s wonderful about this fruit and therefore it’s colour; is that it changes as it cooks and also within the skin of the fruit itself there are so many variations of the colour that technically it’s impossible to classify as just one colour. As my work is focused around the tonality and gradation of colour, this suits me just fine and this luscious fruit is an excellent example of what I find so interesting about the value and saturation of colours.

Greengage Tarte Tartin



About Ptolemy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a textile artist, designer and architectural colour consultant
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2 Responses to Colour of the Moment: Greengage Green

  1. My mouth is absolutely watering! I want some of that greengage jam! I also want to paint my bedroom greengage green. yum yum. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Wow, makes me hungry! Beautiful colours.

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